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What is Apache TomEE?

Apache TomEE is an enterprise-ready Java server, created based on Apache Tomcat with the implementation of the MicroProfile and Jakarta EE features. CloudJiffy provides 3 different distributions of TomEE


Delivers the Jakarta EE implementation, including Servlets, JSP, JSF, JTA, JPA, CDI, Bean Validation and EJB Lite


Extends WebProfile options with full support for MicroProfile Plus - contains all technologies in the MicroProfile with addition of JAX-WS, JEE Connectors, and JMS


Supports all in the Plus profile, includes Eclipse Mojarra and EclipseLink (this distribution is needed for organizations that are migrating from Eclipse Glassfish to the Apache TomEE project)

TomEE application server runs without any additional runtime requirements or startup time for larger applications and is compatible with most of the Tomcat-aware and Tomcat-tested tools.


What is clustering?


Clustering is when you have more than one independent (servers/ nodes) which are interlinked to provide High Availability, improved scalability, improves application availability and performance with ease of maintenance.

100% uptime

Such setup is mainly done to ensure your application provides 100% uptime, during high traffic or in case of hardware failure.


What is TomEE Auto Clustering Topology

Apache Tomcat Standalone is a great performer by itself. In case you would like a high availability architecture and expect a huge amount of traffic to your site, in that case Tomcat performs its best.

With built-in support for both synchronous and asynchronous in-memory and external session replication, cluster segmentation, and compatibility with all common load balancing solutions, your Tomcat servers are ready for the cluster right out of the box.

Get started in few steps

The ability to run TomEE in clusters is one of the main benefits of CloudJiffy. You can deploy a TomEE cluster in CloudJiffy by simply visiting our MarketPlace.


Search for Auto Scalable TomEE Cluster and click on Install


Give your environment a name, a subdomain name and Choose your location you want the application to be hosted in and click on Install and the platform will set up the environment for you.


Your environment is ready. All the necessary credentials are sent your registered email ID. This is how your environment will look like


Hover your mouse in front of the deploy option and you can choose any of the 3 deployment options and Deploy your application. You can also automate the deployment process based on your requirements.



  • Easy to manage
  • Highly secure infrastructure
  • One-Click Installation
  • Real-time scaling with an increase in users
  • Inbuilt CDN to cater to a worldwide audience
  • Data replication and backup solution to keep your data safe.
  • Granular billing charged based on resource consumption in real-time, helps you save cost and eradicates the need for rightsizing.
server room

Pay-per-Use Pricing for TomEE Cluster Cost Efficiency

CloudJiffy provides a unique process of automatic scaling with payment based on the real consumption, but not on the server size

CloudJiffy makes hourly measures of how many RAM and CPU inside each container are consumed every hour and charges you only for the resources that are actually used but not for the scaling limits you have set. You can set up a maximum scaling limit for each container, so the resources will be always available in case of load spikes or other consumption changes. No matter how high the limit - the payment will be only based on Actual usage. So you never have to pay for unused resources. Thus reducing your consumption cost at the same time proving a better performance. To know more about our pricing, please visit the pricing page and our pricing blog.

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